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with Captain Vic Tison

U. S. C. G. Licensed & IGFA Certified 

Fishing in Jacksonville, Florida


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Vic2Fish & Adventures, Inc. in  Jacksonville, Florida - Specializing in shallow water sight fishing for REDFISH, backcountry creek trolling for redfish, flounder & trout - Inlet Jetty fishing for sheepshead, tarpon, sharks and many more , , ,

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Think it's too HOT to fish in the summer months? Try fishing on the VIC2FISH with Capt. Vic's new onboard COOL MIST air conditioner. The first system of it's kind to cool an open fishing boat. You got to try it to believe it. 

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Imagine you're quietly gliding along, enjoying Mother Nature at her finest in some of Florida's largest natural salt marsh. You're with good friends enjoying the morning while watching rare birds feeding & bottle-nose dolphin rolling & playing close to the boat. SUDDENLY, you spot 7 and 8 pound REDFISH pushing up submarine-type wakes in 8" of water looking for an easy meal. It's so shallow some of their backs are out of the water. (See photos on left bottom of this page of a 26.5" - 7 pound redfish) You cast what they're looking for just ahead of one. As he approaches, looking for his next meal, the closer he gets to your bait your heart pumps faster. Then your adrenalin fires up. When he gets close to your line you barely move it and WHAM, he explodes on it! You slowly lower your rod tip and as he tightens up your line, you decide it's time to set it and let him know you're there. When you do, HE let's YOU know HE'S THERE!!!

Drag screaming action!

With Captain Vic, when you catch Florida's TOP inshore game fish the REDFISH, in shallow water, he can't go down, he goes EVERYWHERE!

Contact Captain Vic now to book your adventure!

In this new millennium, people are exploring ways to escape the every day routine of the 'rat race' with it's deadlines and ever-increasing stress. Studies show that people who participate frequently in outdoor recreation are more satisfied overall with their entire life. Fishing is a great way to 'get away from it all'. The top three reasons people fish are; for relaxation, getting close to nature and spend quality time with family or friends. So, get away from your office, deadlines, piles of paperwork, stress, phone, television. Come out and re-establish your values. Get your priorities straight. Spend quality time with family or friends. Let's see you think about work while your drag is screaming and your rod is bending double and bouncing. Let me put a smile on your face like so many of my customers in these great photos on my site.

Jetties  -  Creek  -  &  River  Fishing

Female anglers welcomed & first-timers encouraged!

Need an updated fishing report?  Visit my Fishing Report Page on this web site or tune in & call our "Still Just Fishing" radio show 6:00am to 8:00am each Saturday morning on Talk Radio 600 WBOB. Tune in to 600AM or 100.3 FM or listen 24-7 on 600wbob.com. It's  Northeast Florida  ís important outdoor show! To call our show 904-222-8255

To Listen anytime 24/7, click here:


Have you ever caught fish on TOP WATER LURES? If not, you're missing the strikes that are sure to get your heart pumping. Let Captain Vic teach you how to get the strikes of your life. Seeing these fish explode on a top water lure is exhilarating! After catching redfish, trout, tarpon, jacks or ladyfish on top waters you'll be hooked on this type of fishing.

 ALL LICENSES, BAIT, QUALITY EQUIPMENT,  TACKLE & ICE PROVIDED. Just bring your food, drink, sun block, hat, and a cooler to take home your catch. PLEASE, NO GLASS CONTAINERS, NO SMOOTH, BLACK SOLED SHOES NOR FLIP FLOPS. See FAQ Page for explanation.

In Jacksonville, Florida. Florida's best kept secret fishing grounds. Fish where the fish ARE ! Fish Florida. The ONLY State with 12,000 rivers & over 7,000 lakes. No wonder Florida is known as 'The Fishing Capitol of the World' !

Regular 1/2 day ( 5 hours ) or customized full day ( 8  hours ) trips available.

Fishing, sight seeing, wildlife photography, boat riding, birding or check out waterfront real estate before you buy.

Gift certificates available year round: Personalized with the giver's name, receiver's name and for what occasion. Gold trimmed, looks very nice! GREAT for birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, anniversaries, wedding gifts, good grades, graduation, Christmas or make a special 'JUST  BECAUSE' gift that they'll always remember ! 

Job rewards? Why not show your valuable employees just how important they are to you. Treat them to an adventure sure to please. Set some goals like most companies do and treat the employees who succeed to a day of excitement.

Captain Vic has been 'featured' on The Outdoor Channel's 'Live The Dream Show' as well as other National & local TV Fishing Shows. "My Fishing Reports and articles are published on 24 fishing web sites across the U.S. and in Florida's Catch & Release Magazine, Florida Outdoors Magazine & Outdoor Florida Magazine monthly."

Bought a new boat or just looking for that perfect fishing craft? I can teach you how to rig your new craft for whatever type of inshore fishing you desire. What you'll need and where's the best place to buy it!

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