CAPTAIN VIC is a UNITED STATES COAST GUARD licensed Captain & Certified by the International Game FishAssociation. “The first Captain in Jacksonville, Florida to be Certified by the  IGFA “, currently the only Certified Captain in Jacksonville and 1 of 310 in the entire world. A FULL TIME GUIDE, a shallow water light tackle specialist, a native Floridian that was born in Jacksonville and has fished these waters for more than 45 years. A member of the Florida Guides Association, a Member of the Board of the Inshore Saltwater Anglers Clubmember of National Association Of Charterboat Operators as well as a member of the Coastal Conservation Association.
 He has been on numerous local and National TV fishing shows and has been featured on The Outdoor Channel’s ‘Live The Dream’ show. He conducts “Seminars For The Working Angler” at work sites in office buildings, Civic Centers, Church Groups, Tackle Stores, etc. all over North East Florida . As a kid growing up in Jacksonville, his father, Arthur, taught him how and where to fish and let him navigate the boat at an early age to learn currents, wind and anchoring situations. You know the old saying,
 ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day….. teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. “I remember my father saying that while teaching me how to fish.”

“Retired after 30 years in construction, I have wanted to be a Fishing Guide for most of that time. I enjoy watching the thrill and excitement of people’s faces when they are fighting a nice fish. Especially novices who think they can’t catch much. I love teaching the how to’s and what for’s and then watch as someone has listened and it pays off.”

“Thank you dad, for teaching me. A part of you is always with me when I’m on the water.”       Captain Vic

Captain Vic knows where all the oyster beds, drop-offs, rock ledges, deep holes, feeding spots and spawning grounds are located in the local waterways. He has successfully completed numerous boating safety courses.


 ( 904 ) 699-2285 OR Vic2fish@aol.com