Creek Fishing

Have you ever scheduled an offshore fishing trip and when the day arrives the wind is blowing 25 knots out of the northeast and the seas are 8 feet and building? You wouldn’t even think of going offshore in that!

When you schedule an inshore saltwater creek or river fishing day and the day comes and it’s windy, you not only can still go fishing….. but also catch fish!

Don’t take a 3 to 4 hour ride offshore to catch 1 or 2 big fish. Fish with Capt. Vic inshore for more action on light tackle. See photos for customer’s catches of big fish inshore. See gorgeous sunrises or sunsets over the Florida salt marsh & experience nature while you enjoy a soft drink or glass of wine with friends!


Try an early morning TOP WATER LURE trip in the creeks for some of the most exhilarating strikes you’ll never forget !

Our backcountry saltwater creeks in Northeast Florida’s undeveloped salt marshes offer some of the most beautiful sunrise and sunsets as well as wildlife not seen anywhere else near Cities. Our vast amount of waterways stretches for miles and miles. Why the Historic St. Johns River itself is 310 miles long.

No long rides to fishing spotsIn the back country creeks there are no big waves, no swells, no ships. Areas not many other boats can float in much less travel. Areas like the shallow water flats and the back country creeks are the PERFECT PLACE for the ‘not-so-sure-about-the-water’ beginners to get used to salt water. You don’t have to be in the “big water” to saltwater fish.

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