That have fished with Captain Vic in Jacksonville, Florida

Capt Vic,
I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for a memorable trip. Everyone doubted my sanity, flying from Europe to spend three days of fishing with you. Now, I'm the envy of everyone - and I take every opportunity to show off that snap-shot of Sheepsheads we yanked from the jetties. You are knowledgeable of everything that swims in and around the waters of Jacksonville, and your methods are beyond reproach. I'm already scheduling a second trip... Thanks again!
Otis Whitley

Capt. Vic, I'm Dan , Jeff H's next door neighbor.  We fished with you Fri before last.  I had to tell you , you really taught me a lot about catching reds.  I canoe/fish in the creek behind our house but I didn't really know about sight fishing.  Since we fished with you I went out Sunday and got an 18, a 19 and 2 - 26 inchers. Today I got a few rats, a 17, 2 - 19s, and a 24.  I'm having a BLAST!!!  Thanks for your help.  We all had a great time fishing with you.  I'm looking forward to doing it again sometime.  Thanks again and good fishing to you.     Dan

Capt. Tison, I've been out fishing in my boat 3 times since the trip my wife and I took on your boat. I just wanted you to know, I've caught more redfish in those 3 trips after learning from you, than I have ever caught 'altogether' since I've owned my boat. The knowledge you must have is unbelievable! Thanks for teaching me what to look for and how to 'read the water' as you call it. My wife and I can't wait for the weekends to get back out there. You've put a whole new meaning in the word "fishing" for us now. I can't wait to find out what we'll learn on our next trip with you. YES, we're going again. Thanks, Dale Reeves, Engineer

Captain Vic, We had a blast on your boat Thursday. The absolute BEST TRIP my father and I have ever been on. The sight fishing for the redfish was phenomenal. How you ever learned to do that is beyond me. The thrill of seeing those big fish in less than 1 foot of water AND CATCHING THEM on light tackle was exhilarating!  We want to go again next month and we've agreed, you're our personal Fishing Guide from now on, (if it's alright with you). I'll call you in a week to schedule our next trip.                   Rick Thompson, Systems Analyst

Hey Cpt. Vic,
I just wanted to drop you a short line to let you know how much I enjoyed our fishing trip on Friday.  I was glad to finally be able to meet you.  My husband holds you in high regard and talks incessantly about his fishing trips with you.  If you knew what a struggle it was for him to get me on the boat and agree to go fishing, you would be amazed.  I have had several uneventful and plain boring fishing trips in the past and had resolved to never go again.  However, my father, husband and friends enjoy it so much that if I want to spend any time with them I had to give it another try.  So I finally gave in and agreed to go & my husband was so excited that he immediately called you at home (sorry about that) to book you before I changed my mind.  Anyway, I showed up bright and early Friday morning, tired but hopeful.  As soon as our trip began however, I had the feeling I was in for a long, cold, and gnat filled day.  Literally within the first half hour though you had my undivided attention.  You patiently taught me how to cast, gave some local history, made me bug repellent, and even shared some entertaining stories--but you also helped me to catch my first fish, first red and proud to say (to my husband's dismay) the first fish of the day---a legal red at that.  Well, the day only got better.  Let's just say my arm is still sore from reeling in "MY" 30 1/2" red!!!  I can't believe I even touched the fish.  You should have heard me telling my father--proud of me I'm sure but oh so jealous--he still hasn't caught a red yet.  Well, I meant for this to be short but I really just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time---I can't wait to get my friends and dad out there with you.  Even if I hadn't caught fish I would have still had a wonderful boat ride, the best nap in months, and been able to see what it is that makes the men in my life love fishing so much. Again thank you for everything ---- I hope to be seeing you again soon -- in warm weather & with sunscreen.
dani feliciano

Capt. Vic,
Thanks again for such a GOOD time. Tammy and I are still talking about our fishing trip. We are already planning another trip, maybe in May. We will get with you and plan a date.
Yes, we received our pictures and are showing them off to everyone!!! If you don't get a charter from someone here I will really be SURPRISED. We had a couple of the pictures scanned and they make the Best wallpaper on our computers. The pictures still bring Big smiles to our faces.  Linda Bedwell, Quality System Specialist

I had so much fun on your boat! We want to take another trip when it gets warmer. I really like my picture with the fish.   Nick Grassia, Student


Captain Vic, Thank you for the info, as well as mailing Jame the picture. That day of fishing with you made his trip. Thanks for thinking of him!           Gary Hathy

Capt. Vic,
Yes I can still type after cleaning 123 fish! Took me from 10:00 am until 7:pm with only a few breaks. The trip was great! You are a very hospitable and professional man and I defiantly appreciate that. My boys are still bragging about their experience and I expect several fathers to give me a call. Until then, I only have to ask you to send me the recipe you mentioned for the Flounder. I prepped them as you instructed, but want to ensure I have the cooking directions as you explained. I definitely look forward to our next trip with you, as I expect one of our yearly trips will be with Vic2Fish! This is exciting for us, as we do love to fish, and nothing can compare to our trip with you. I hope to do that again next year. I look forward to seeing you again. Thanks again!                 Dave Scollin

  Dave Scollin again, after we sent him the flounder recipe.               
                                                       Yvonne, THANKS! Hey, we ate a couple of the flounder and my compliments are extended to Mrs. Vic2fish! OUTSTANDING! You were right, the house smelled like a fine seafood restaurant. As for the Virginia  croakers, they are fantastic. Megan is telling me to "fill the freezer", and my youngest son Jared who normally hates fish, asks me to cook them on a regular basis. Just a quick note, your husband is great! My boys and I had one great experience with Vic, and he really impressed us all...especially my son Ray. In fact, Ray refers to Vic as his new best friend! I definitely look forward to our next trip with him...he is professional, personable, and VERY knowledgeable. I look forward to my retirement in three years, and moving closer to Jacksonville. I would like to pursue a new friendship with him. Guys like him are one in a million. Thanks again for the recipe, and keep up the GREAT business! Dave Scollin

Capt. Vic,
Thank you so much for the great time fishing last Tuesday. Nick and Monica really enjoyed themselves and we all learned more about fishing Jacksonville waters. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know that is considering a charter. Thank you so much for the flounder recipe. As promised, it was outstanding. Even my wife who is not a big fish eater liked it! I also received your email fishing report. Thanks again and happy fishing!                    Howard D

Thanks Vic for the photos from Richard and Jeff's fishing trip with you. They had a great day!
Linda Allen

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