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for fishing in Jacksonville, Florida with Vic2Fish & Adventures, Inc.

Q: How to make reservations & Deposit policy:

A: Pick which day (or days) you would like to schedule and either call 904-699-2285 or e-mail Captain Vic. When we agree on a date (or dates) I have still open, then a deposit of $100 is required to confirm and hold your reservation. No credit cards nor debit cards, no plastic of any kind accepted. The balance is due by cash, check, money order or Traveler's Checks on the day of the trip. The deposit is 100% refundable with a minimum of 72 hours, before the trip cancellation notice or a forecast of unsafe weather. Deposit can also be used to reschedule for another open date as long as the request is made a minimum of 72 hours before scheduled trip or Captain Vic sees forecast of unsafe weather. Make check or money order payable to:    Vic2Fish & Adventures, Inc., P.O. Box 28208, Jacksonville, Fla. 32226    

Q: Do I have to buy a fishing license?

A: NO ! Captain Vic supplies the saltwater license for up to 4 Anglers included in the cost of the trip, no mater how many days you go fishing.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Your food, drinks, hat, sunglasses, boat shoes or tennis shoes, sun block, a cooler to take your fish home and a camera if you'd like some photos of our unforgettable Florida scenery and wildlife. You'll want to take memorable photos of dolphin playing close to the boat, tarpon rolling close by as well as many, many species of birds and in the warmer months sea turtles and a manatee or two.

Q: What should I NOT bring?

A: NO BOTTLES OR GLASS CONTAINERS OF ANY KIND. No smooth black soled shoes, (they are slippery and unsafe in a boat). No flip-flops or sandals as they are dangerous in a boat. They ARE NOT boat shoes. We use fish hooks to catch fish and fish flopping around on the floor of the boat have sharp fins. Open shoes causes your feet to be subjected to fish fins, fish teeth, hooks, etc.

Q: Does Captain Vic guide year-round?

A: YES. Captain Vic is a FULL TIME GUIDE & a professional light tackle specialist. One of the 'few' full timers in Jacksonville. Fishing in Northeast Florida is enjoyable ALL YEAR! Some species are more abundant than others depending on the time of year. Even in the dead of winter here in Jacksonville, Florida we enjoy catching REDFISH, sheepshead, drum, trout, flounder, whiting and more! Make Captain Vic YOUR personal Guide! You can schedule your adventure any day of the week!

Q: What kinds of fish will I catch?

A: Depends on the time of year you schedule your fishing trip. Weather, winds, tides, type/location of fishing and water temperature when you go all affect what is biting at that particular time. Some species can be caught year-round while other species move in and out at certain times of the year. Pick some dates and  call Captain Vic and he'll let you know what will be biting when, OR, subscribe to his FREE Fishing Report sent out periodically on e-mail. It'll tell you what we're currently catching and what's going to be coming in within the next couple of weeks.

Q: What type of tackle do you supply?

A: I supply ALL TACKLE except fly rods, fly reels or flys. You are welcome to bring your own fly tackle on a 'maximum 2 person' trip.  There are excellent opportunities for fly fishing the creeks. I do supply light and medium spinning tackle and heavier tackle, YOUR CHOICE. ALL QUALITY EQUIPMENT. PENN bait casters on Ugly Sticks, PENN Fierce light spin reels & medium spin reels on Ugly Stick Intercoastal rods. Penn 320 GTI's on Ugly Sticks for tarpon and shark fishing. I also supply all bait and/or artificials. If you have a favorite rod & reel or lure, feel free to bring it.

Q: What does IGFA Certified Captain mean?

A: Captain Vic has successfully passed IGFA's, (International Game Fish Association's) written test, supplied references from customers and business associates and qualified to be Certified by the IGFA. I was the first of only 2 Captains in Jacksonville to be Certified by the IGFA and 1 of over 350 in the entire world. I am listed on their web site, listed on their 'touch screen' in the Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum and appear in their 2002 thru 2009 World Record Books.

Q: On your sightseeing excursions, is there any place on the water to have lunch?

A: Yes, there are a few places to buy cold sandwiches and drinks or there are a couple of nice seafood restaurants to dock and go inside. Safe Harbor Seafood is located close to Mayport has excellent seafood and is close to where we'd be fishing. In downtown Jacksonville, The Jacksonville Landing and the South Bank Riverwalk has several types of restaurants I can dock at for your visit although it's further away. It's better if you bring your own lunch or dinner and eat while in the boat while enjoying wildlife you won't see in downtown Jacksonville. On fishing excursions you'll not want to take the time to go out of your way to eat so bring your lunch and snacks with you.

Q: How do I subscribe to Captain Vic Tison's Fishing Report?

A: Just e-mail Captain Vic, click here, please use 'Fishing Report' or 'e-mail list' in subject line and explain you'd like to be added to one of the lists and include your e-mail address or call (904) 699-2285. IT'S FREE.

If you need anymore information, please call or e-mail Captain Vic and I will be glad to answer any other questions.

















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